EvLOGIMENO means blessing in Greek. There are many types of cheese… and then there is EvLOGIMENO. A blessing. Do you fasten? Need to follow a lactose-gluten-dairy protein-free diet? Are you vegan? Whatever the reason why cheese has been shut out of your daily eating habits, the answer is one and only! EvLOGIMENO!


EvLOGIMENO nistisimo is Certified with 3 Golden Awards during 2020 for his taste and quality






Our vegetarian chef Nikos Gaitanos recommends the following recipes! His work experience in all vegetarian/vegan restaurants of Athens has made him an expert in vegetarian dishes. His unique gastronomic suggestions are more than convincing enough that a meat-free diet is not only healthy but also tasty and enjoyable!
Today he is chef in one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants of Athens and also supervises the menu planning as guest chef in a well-known restaurant in Thessaloniki and the UK. As sous chef he has also planned the vegetarian menu of Holiday Inn Hotels in UK and Ireland.


Fastening Timetable 2022

Fastening period

Fish is allowed

All food except meat is allowed

Oil and wine are allowed